Star Radio Soundcheck


Ever wanted to control a radio station's playlist?
What's your favourite song? Who is your favourite artist? Do we play them enough?
Is there a song we keep playing that you never want to hear again? 
The Soundcheck is where you tell us the answers to these questions, and many more!
By signing up for our soundcheck you're helping to have input in your local radio station!


As well as taking control of the music we play, from time to time we'll ask you a few other things too! It might be question about our breakfast show or what kind of prizes you'd like to win.
Signing up to the Soundcheck really does help us create the perfect radio station for you. The best part? It's totally free to sign up and take part.

Become a soundcheck

The tech guys who've built this for us are pretty certain it works; however if you do have any problems feel free to e-mail them at and they'll do their best to fix the problem.We look forward to hearing from you, and thank you for being one of Star's Soundcheckers!